Imperial Air Wing

As well as the Chaos army, I also finished another — significantly smaller — Epic painting project recently; my Imperial Navy Air Wing.

One thing that is conspicuously missing from my Titan Legion is any kind of air support. This is because I wanted to paint my Imperial Aircraft as a separate force. Then not only would the AMTL be able to use the Aircraft in support, but the Space Marine and Imperial Guard armies I plan to paint in future would also be able to use Titans from the Titan Legion and aircraft from the Air Wing.

I only have three formations of aircraft. Two flights of Thunderbolt Fighter-Bombers:

Thunderbolt Fighters
Thunderbolt Fighters
Thunderbolt Fighters (underside)

And a pair of Marauder Bombers:

Marauders (underside)

And here they are together:

Imperial Aircraft

And in action!

Imperial Aircraft in action

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