About This Blog

Originally, this was a personal journal-type blog where I’d just post random updates about what I was doing at the time and random musings about nothing much. After a while I also started posting updates on recent hobby projects, especially pictures of models I’d been painting.

In recent years I’ve taken to only posting very occasionally, and then almost exclusively about hobby stuff. Nobody I know reads this blog any more; the only people who do are strangers who stumble on it while looking for photos of miniatures.

Some of the older posts were made during some difficult times in my life and contained some quite personal details which I was increasingly uncomfortable having publicly visible, especially on a platform that was primarily read by random strangers.

So as of March 2018 I’ve gone through and hidden the old personal posts, leaving just the hobby stuff. From now on, this is just my hobby blog, where I post details of my painting and modelling projects, along with any other hobby projects I might undertake.